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Several of the moguls said they wear Swatch watches rather than Rolexes

On the lighter side of the questionnaire, the billionaires revealed not all of them have a penchant for flashy jewelry or pricey wines. Several of the moguls said they wear Swatch watches rather than Rolexes. Among the moguls not sporting gold and diamonds on their wrists: Times Square real estate titan Leon Charney, who is worth $1.4 billion.

Charney says wearing a Swatch watch is a matter of convenience; he swims with it on every morning.

Several billionaires said they don't drink and prefer diet soda to a nice expensive bottle of vino. Catsimatides' favorite bottle of wine: "One I'm not paying for."



Swatch X rated

Swatch X rated




Latest Auction News. Swatch X rated was recently sold for $275.00 on March 3 2008









Break dance swatch

Break dance swatch








Latest Auction News. Ladies Swatch watch Break Dance Designed By Schmidt-Müller after a poster from Keith Haring, was recently sold for $302.00 on March 3 2008. The standard version of Break dance swatch was auctioned for $488.96 on March 4 2008.











Swatch Victory Medals Set Atlanta 1996

Swatch Victory Medals Set Atlanta 1996








Latest Auction News. Swatch Victory Medals set was recently sold for $4600.00 on February 23 2008








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